The 8 Biggest Nail Trends coming in 2021

Updated: Jan 11

Pro nail artists break down their predictions for the trends and designs that are bound to be big next season. Their top takeaway: The impact of shelter-in-place orders and working from home amid the pandemic will linger well into the new year.

The year 2020 was particularly trying and interesting for the beauty world as a whole, but it was especially so for our nails. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw closure and timid re-openings of nail salons, an increase in eczema due to preventative handwashing, a call to end nail-biting in fear of contracting the coronavirus, and an uprising of at-home manicure techniques like press-on nails — all in less than one year. Seeing as we're all in the dark about what 2021 will hold for our "normal lives," the same can certainly be said for nail trends.

Even nail artists and manicurists aren't totally sure what to predict of the future, but they are confident about one thing: DIY nail trends are going to remain every bit as popular, even as professional manicures once again become a routine part of life. We asked them to break down which nail colors, art, and techniques are going to be big next year — based on their feedback, it's going to look nothing like what we had predicted last year.

Here are the biggest 2021 nail trends to watch out for, according to the experts who know.