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Wholesale Hair Extensions 

Wholesale Hair Extensions 

"It's so easy to source your salon's hair extensions in Bali now" 

Attention Salon & Stylists We Want To Be Your Hair Extension Partner

Shierley Koval, Owner Indonesia's #1 Exporter of Premium Hair Extensions in

Launch Your Dream
Mastering the Art of Hair Extension Services in Your Salon


  • Elite Salon Status: Offer hair extensions, the hallmark of top-tier salons.

  • Salon Starter Pack: Includes Tape Extensions, V-Tip Extensions, and a Color Ring.

  • Highest Quality Hair: Durable, ethically sourced, and adhering to the strictest standards.

  • Extensive Range: A variety of extension types to suit all styles and client needs.

  • Tailored Quantities: Low Minimum Order Quantities, customizable for salon-specific demands.

  • Proven Success: Over thirty salons in Indonesia and internationally rely on us.

  • Fast Delivery: Especially for Bali salons, ensuring quick fulfillment of client requests.

  • Brand Partnership: White-labeling services for bulk orders, with support in graphics and packaging.

  • Lifetime Clients: Hair extension customers often become repeat, loyal salon visitors.

  • Training & Support: Available in Bali and throughout Indonesia for significant purchases.

Catapult Your Salon to the Forefront of Style and Luxury with's Salon Starter Pack!


Break into the elite circle where hair extensions aren't just an offering—they're a signature service. At, we're not just about adding strands; we're about creating lasting bonds with clientele who value transformation and quality.

Our 'Salon Starter Pack' is meticulously curated, featuring a comprehensive range of top-tier hair extension types including Tape Extensions, V-Tip Extensions, and a versatile Color Ring. Each type is designed to cater to a variety of styles and client needs. Our hair is celebrated not only for its exceptional quality and resilience but also for our commitment to the highest ethical sourcing standards.

With, you're not just purchasing products; you're embracing a legacy of excellence. We proudly supply to over thirty salons across Indonesia and internationally, becoming a trusted name in the salon industry. Salons in Bali rave about our service as we ensure that the finest hair extensions and tools are just a quick delivery away, enabling them to meet their clients' demands with speed and efficiency.

Join a network that spans the globe, from local boutique salons to international styling hubs, all united under the banner of's quality and service. Our hair extension clients become lifetime patrons, a testament to the enduring quality of our products and the impeccable service they receive.

Expand your offerings, elevate your salon's prestige, and secure a clientele that views hair not just as a statement, but as an investment. With's Salon Starter Pack, you're not just buying hair—you're investing in a partnership that grows with your business, enhances your brand, and embodies the pinnacle of hair extension artistry. Step into the lucrative world of hair extensions with, where every strand holds the promise of prosperity

Priced Right & Delivered When You Need It

Just fill this in and we'll immediately provide you our Salon Wholesale Pricelist 

We're happy to provide our very reasonably priced wholesale pricing list to you but first let's get to know each other.

We only share this info with Salon Owners and Independent Hairdressers so please share enough info for us to verify your status
I am a
Hair Extensions

Experience Luxurious Hair Extensions at Affordable Prices - Debunking the Hair Extension Myths

Don't be fooled by overpriced, so-called luxury hair extensions. The truth is, when it comes to hair extensions, there is very little difference between brands other than heavy marketing spend. Hair is hair, with minimal differences. At HairShop, we understand that salons need to provide their clients with high-quality extensions without breaking the bank. That's why we offer our premium extensions at affordable prices, so you can offer your clients the best without sacrificing your bottom line.

Our extensions are crafted with the same care and attention to detail as luxury brands, catering to the subtle nuances of each hair type. We believe in providing an equally luxurious experience without the inflated price tag. Transform your salon and exceed your clients' expectations with our premium extensions. Join the many salons that have already made the switch to HairShop.

Contact us now to learn more and experience luxurious extensions at affordable prices! Empower your salon with the perfect balance of quality and value.

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We'd love to be your hair extension partner! 

Like me, I know you receive countless messages every day from Hair Suppliers in China, Russia, and India about supplying your salon with hair extensions. But, I’m going to bet that you haven’t received this type of message from Bali. So, I hope you have a moment to take a look at this because I know that being a supplier is making a commitment to deliver high, quality hair, at a fantastic price, time after time.

My name’s Shierley Koval and I’ve been a lifetime user of hair extensions and built upon that passion for hair to open Bali’s largest multi location salon business The Shampoo Lounge, Bali Barber barber shops for the guys, and over the last couple of years we’ve been developing our Indonesian suppliers to consistently deliver world class hair extensions to the global market at a fair price at . 

I have personally inspected human hair suppliers in China when we sourced all our REMY human hair there and purchased from them for many years but as our volume needs grew, the communication challenges, inconsistent quality, pricing games, importation challenges, increasing political tensions, and terrible human rights concerns  [1]  [2] led me to begin sourcing REMY human hair from my own backyard in Indonesia and create our own high quality hair extension supply chain export business at hair extensions have been a hit in Indonesia with both foreign and local clients alike, supplying my own salons, other internationally owned salons, as well as the many independent hairdressers operating in Bali as well as salons in Jakarta with premium Indonesian human hair extensions.


Payment is typically via bank transfer [if you're in Indonesia] or by PayPal to At the time of order we request 50% down payment and the remaining is due right before we send our products for shipping. Shipping is usually by EMS, it takes up to 10 days after you complete final payment. If you'd like to rush order we can ship via DHL.

Hair extensions Whole sale hair shop store.jpg

We are not only a Hair Extension Supplier, we're a salon too

Just like you, we care about our clients loving their results, telling their friends about their lovely new hair, and racing off to give us a lovely Five Star review. We won't let you down.

As a salon owner attending to a globally diverse clientele in a highly competitive market, I fully understand the need for affordable, high quality REMY human hair extensions my clients fall in love with time after time. 

Shipping & Deliveries

All orders we receive are properly made are processed within 24 hours. We will try to have your items to you as soon as reasonably possible although deliveries range
between 1- 4 weeks depending on where you are. In any event, delivery will take place no more than 30 days after the day your order is made and the contract entered into. 

Any orders placed on a weekend will be processed 
on the Monday. 
Our Customer Service team are available
• Monday - Saturday 
• from 10AM - 6PM Central Indonesia Time (GMT + 8 )
• Please call via WhatsApp +62-813-3896-6331

Payment Terms
Step 1 
Please Provide a Shipping Address so we can ship your order with full address, postal code, phone number.

Step 2
Please choose to transfer payment via PayPal,
Bank transfer, or Western Union.

Please note that bank correspondence fees should be
handled by the buyer.

Returns & Exchanges

E-mail us with your order number at or at

WhatsApp +62-813-3896-6331 for further instructions on how to proceed with your exchange.

You must cover the shipping costs of the return/exchange
& we recommend that you send your exchange with a tracking number. will not be responsible for  any returns or exchange packages lost in transit.


Happy to Help

If you've made it all the way here, thank you so much! I'm up all the time so if you want to chat or have a phone conversation, click here.


Otherwise, email is great and if you'd like to connect on LinkedIn, please do so as well. 

Thanks so much,


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