How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

Brushing your hair multiple times a day, everyday, can be the best thing you can do for your extensions or the worst- depending on your technique and the tools used, therefore it is essential that brushing and styling hair is done correctly.

Hair Extensions need to be brushed every morning

Once you wake up in the morning, it is very important that you brush your hair before starting your day. This may seem like a very obvious comment to make, however it this not uncommon for those without naturally long hair to simply run their fingers through their hair to tame their tresses, especially if they are a fan of a messier style.

Using your hair extensions hair brush, is important as not only does it tame the mid length to the ends, it also helps to keep the roots and bonds detangled, an important part of your daily care. You should always be using a hair extensions brush as this will stop the bristles from becoming stuck or disturbing the bonds in any way.