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Tips and Trick for Micro K-Tips Removal

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

Today we'll show you how to safely & effectively remove Micro Keratin Tips [or K-tips] so that your hair remain healthy even when using hair extensions.

Since the tip is smaller, it's easier to remove micro keratin tips than regular keratin tips. First, use the remover spray, press several times with pliers until it getting loose, then hold the real hair while you pull out the extensions. Curious how to do that? Check out our new video!

💕Some pro tips that your client would love during maintenance:

• For first time client that use extensions, dont forget to tell them that several amount of hair loss is normal, since the hair is stuck on the tip for several months.

• Suggest them hair mask on the tip of the hair so their hair will stay in healthy condition, until next extensions session

• Check their skin tone, when clients come in with a darker or lighter skin color you can suggest a different shade of extensions so that the look is customized just for them.

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