Can I Go Swimming With Hair Extensions?

Swimming is a great way to keep fit and is always a must do activity when on holiday, even if you just want to lounge by the pool or on the beach to get a tan, a swimming pool/ beach is a central attraction for any holiday. But you have hair extensions, and know that they need tender loving care, isn’t swimming going to harm them?

But first, how does swimming affect hair extensions?

No matter whether you’re swimming in the ocean or in a chlorinated pool, both salt and chlorine will have a negative impact on your extensions causing them to become knotted and even worse matted.

The salt water and chlorine can not only affect the actual hair but also what is attaching the extensions to your natural hair, whether that be; micro rings, nano rings, tape, glue or weft.

In fact it is these that need to be kept try and out of the sea or pool water the most, as these are most fragile when wet.

The problem with