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Bali Hair Extension Experts

With more than a decade of experience right here in Bali, we've proudly become the go-to destination for hair extensions as well as premium color and Keratin.


Our loyal clientele includes Bali residents who are passionate about hair extensions, as well as fly-in clients from Australia, Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan, Singapore, and beyond. Not to mention, we're the preferred hair extension supplier for salons and independent hairdressers across Bali, greater Indonesia, Australia, and numerous other countries. Hair extension education and salon display kits are available as well to get your salon into the exciting world of premium hair extensions. 


Our commitment to ethically sourced, premium-quality hair, and our internationally recognized application methods have made us a trusted choice. Plus, maintaining your extensions when you're back home is a breeze.

We are booked well in advance so bookings are indeed recommended but we welcome walk in consultations during working hours. offers hassle free drop in consultation everyday between 10AM until 6PM. An easy way to get a preliminary Hair Extension, Color, or Keratin quote is by filling in our eConsultation form and we'll respond to you during working hours promptly if you provide the information we need to do so. Want to know roughly how much without the hassle of coming in? Click Here

Happy to be Bali's "HairCation" Destination 

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