41 Questions about Hair Extensions Answered!


• Are hair extensions bad for your hair? The most important thing you need to understand is that there are many types of hair extensions. It’s true that some of them damage your hair at least a little. However, some of these products are completely safe. The main thing to understand is that hair extensions have many types. That's right if there are some that have damaged your hair a little. However, hair extensions are a safe product. At The Shampoo Lounge, we do a complete consultation first before scheduling the installation of hair extensions. Our stylists will check your hair type and your daily habits and recommend the best method so as to minimize your hair loss and at the same time lengthen your real hair. • Apakah hair extensions jelek untuk rambut Anda? Hal utama yang perlu dipahami adalah bahwa hair extensions memiliki banyak tipe. Benar jika ada beberapa yang merusak rambut anda sedikit. Tetapi, produk hair extensions adalah produk yang aman. Di The Shampoo Lounge, kita melakukan konsultasi yang lengkap terlebih dahulu sebelum menjadwalkan untuk pemasangan hair extensions. Stylist kita akan menilai jenis rambut anda dan kebiasaan sehari-hari anda dan merokemdasikan metode yang terbaik supaya dapat meminimalisir kerontokan rambut anda dan di saat yang bersamaan anda dapat memanjangkan rambut asli Anda.

​2 • Are hair extensions worth it? Extensions allow you a lot of flexibility with your hairstyle. But it’s only you who can decide whether this freedom is worth the cost. Considering the versatility of available hair extension options, the answer is most likely “yes”. So many smiling faces of our customers and testimonies from our clients for hair extensions at The Shampoo Lounge. We are very ready with the application and quality of our 100% Remy Hair. • Apakah hair extensions patut dicoba? Hair extensions sangat fleksibel dengan gaya rambut Anda. Tetapi hanya Anda yang dapat memutuskan apakah sepadan dengan biayanya. Dengan menimbang kegunaan dari opsi pilihan hair extensions yang tersedia, maka jawabannya adalah “Ya”. Begitu banyak wajah customer yang tersenyum dan kesaksian dari klien kita untuk hair extensions di The Shampoo Lounge. Kami sangat siap dengan pengerjaan dan kualitas dari Remy Hair 100%.

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