23 Inverted Bob Haircuts and Styles Worth Trying in 2021

So, you've decided you want a short bob haircut? Great—but that's only the first step in picking out your new, shorter 'do. When it comes to bobs, you've gotta decide on the length, the angle, layers (or no layers!), bangs (or no bangs!), and much, much more. You'll also want to take into consideration your hair type, texture, and personal style before committing to a new look, and with all these factors to consider, it's easy to see just how customizable and versatile a bob really is.

The straight, blunt bob is really having a moment right now, but if you're tired of wearing your hair all one length, another version worth checking out is the inverted bob. Known for its angled shape with shorter layers in the back and longer pieces in the front, this cut gives your shorter cut a whole new vibe. Need a visual? We've got 23 examples of graduated, stacked, and inverted bobs and other similar angled haircuts (don't worry, we'll get into the different styles below) for you to look through, so keep scrolling.

1. A Modern Inverted Bob

Didn't think your hair part could make a huge difference? This inverted bob is made even cooler by the parting down the middle.