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23 Inverted Bob Haircuts and Styles Worth Trying in 2021

So, you've decided you want a short bob haircut? Great—but that's only the first step in picking out your new, shorter 'do. When it comes to bobs, you've gotta decide on the length, the angle, layers (or no layers!), bangs (or no bangs!), and much, much more. You'll also want to take into consideration your hair type, texture, and personal style before committing to a new look, and with all these factors to consider, it's easy to see just how customizable and versatile a bob really is.

The straight, blunt bob is really having a moment right now, but if you're tired of wearing your hair all one length, another version worth checking out is the inverted bob. Known for its angled shape with shorter layers in the back and longer pieces in the front, this cut gives your shorter cut a whole new vibe. Need a visual? We've got 23 examples of graduated, stacked, and inverted bobs and other similar angled haircuts (don't worry, we'll get into the different styles below) for you to look through, so keep scrolling.

1. A Modern Inverted Bob

Didn't think your hair part could make a huge difference? This inverted bob is made even cooler by the parting down the middle.

2. A Stacked Bob With Texture

Inverted bobs are known for having a whole lotta layers. Exhibit A: This layered haircut that's stacked in the back and longer in the front for added volume and texture

3. An Inverted Lob

A longer version of the classic inverted bob, this lob haircut still has all the graduated layers that you love about the angeled cut but with a little more length all around.

4. A Shaggy Inverted Bob

Can't decide between a shag cut and a bob? Get 'em both! This inverted bob with choppy, piece-y layers gives you the best of both worlds.

5. A Curly Stacked Bob

Looking for a short curly hairstyle? Turn your eyes toward this inverted bob cut with stacked curls for lots of volume throughout.

6. An Asymmetrical Bob

If you're really into the varying lengths of an inverted bob, take it one step further and add an asymmetrical touch to the front pieces.

7. An Asymmetrical Lob

Slightly longer than the asymmetrical bob, this lob version has all the key parts of an inverted cut: longer pieces in the front, shorter pieces in the back, and a dramatic side part.

8. An Inverted Bob With Bangs

The only question asked just as much as "should I cut my hair?" is "should I get bangs?" and the answer to both is YES. Bangs pair so nicely with an inverted bob for a cut that perfectly frames your face.

9. An A-Line Bob

To keep the ends looking super-sharp and your bob perfectly angled, make trims a regular thing—and don't attempt to cut your hair yourself. A cut like this needs the precision of a pro.

10. A Chin-Length Stacked Bob

If you're looking for a cut with a little stack in the back but a lot of style all around, this cool chin-length angled bob is it. And the wet look hairstyle makes it that much cooler.

11. This Medium-Length Bob

Too scared to cut too much off? This medium-length hairstyle hits just below the collarbone, so it still has the feel of a longer cut but with the shape of an inverted bob.

12. A Curly Inverted Bob

This curly bob is proof that an inverted cut looks equally as amazing on curly hair types. The layers in the back not only give the curls lots of bounce and movement, but they also help balance out the weight so you aren't left with that triangle shape around your face.

13. A Steep Stacked Bob

Some inverted bobs are subtle, and some are a little more dramatic. This cut falls in the latter group. A sharp angle like this give the bob an edgy, yet sophisticated look.

14. An Angled Bob

Love your current length? Ease into the inverted trend with this slightly angled A-line cut. Wait it out while the front of your hair grows longer so you can create even more of an exaggerated angle without having to go too short in the back.

15. A Tousled Bob

Inverted bobs don't always have to be severe and sleek to show off the shape. Give your cut a soft, tousled touch with a few loose beachy waves on your shorter hair.

16. A Rounded Bob

While some inverted bobs have straight, sharp lines, others can have more of a rounded finish, like this. Once you've got the cut you like, use a volumizing hair-dryer brush to easily style it on your own.

17. An Inverted Bob With Side Bangs

The long side-swept bangs on this graduated bob give the haircut even more movement—ideal if you prefer more of an effortless look that you can toss from side to side.

18. A Subtly Graduated Bob

If you like the angled look of an inverted bob but don't want all the stacked layers, show your stylist this blunt bob that's ever so slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back.

19. An Asymmetrical Short Bob

An asymmetrical cut is just as impactful on a super-short length, as demonstrated by this inverted bob with a deep side part.

20. A Slicked-Back Stacked Bob

Think an inverted bob isn't versatile? Think again! You won't be restricted in the ways you can style your short hair. To give it even more of an edge, style it slicked back and out of your face like this.

21. A Long, Layered Bob

Don't want to go so short? This long, layered bob hits that sweet spot right between your chin and your collarbone but still has all the layers and volume in the back.

22. A Soft, Subtle Inverted Bob

One of the coolest parts of an inverted bob is how the cut totally changes, depending on how you look at it. From the front, you get the illusion of longer hair, like the look shown here, and from the back, it could almost pass as a pixie.

23. A Shoulder-Length Angled Bob

The back might be shoulder-length, but this sharp-angled cut gets much longer towards the front—perfect for the person who still wants to be able to wear a short ponytail.

article written by by Brooke Shunatona for


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