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Hair Journey Trip Part#03 : Where does The Hair Come From? Hair Extension Sourcing in Indonesia

Updated: Sep 4, 2022

Answering tons of questions from our clients, here's our behind the scenes video, we show you the process, from Raw to Extensions.

Before you see hair extensions in their spiffy packaging with fancy names, most hair extensions start off in humble places where people sell their hair to processors and eventually on to your local area salon.

We start with collecting raw hair from local Javanese ladies. Then we separate them according to lengths and textures. We put them into bulks per composition for single strands getting them ready to turn into hair extensions.

Five years ago, I began to become aware that not all hair extensions are sourced fairly, the situation in Xinjiang province, North Korea, and other obscure locations made me concerned that I did not have enough visibility to my supply chain. was founded on the dream that my team and I would be personally involved in the end-to-end sourcing of hair extensions in Indonesia to insure that all involved are treated fairly, the hair is processed properly, and the end user can know that for extensions we audit our providers and are actively involved in the sourcing of our hair products.

🇮🇩 We are very proud to offer Indonesian Hair Extensions that have equal quality to those sourced in China and Slavic countries and we’ll continue to be actively involved with our supplier partners to modernize their supply chain to support our global clients.

We are now at a scale that we would love to work with domestic and international partners to get the word out that Indonesian hair extensions are absolutely fantastic and affordable.

❤️ Shierley

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All you need to know about Indonesian hair extensions:


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