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V-Tip hair extension refers to a kind hair extension with the tips of the hair strands bonded with keratin in the V shape. Applying this hair extension to your hair requires a specialized tool used to melt the keratin tip. After that the V-Tip hair extension will be easily attached to your hair. It will be attached fixedly to your hair durably. (1 pack = 100 pieces)


Materials: Premium Remy Hair


40cm = Rp. 2.680.000/pack (100 pieces)

50cm = Rp. 3.500.000/pack (100 pieces)


Can be cut, coloured, straighten,curled everything that you do with your own hair can be done with these extensions.


Application Fee

with our hair: Rp. 10.000/piece

with your hair : Rp. 15.000/piece

take off : Rp. 5.000/piece

Full maintenance : Rp. 30.000/piece


V-Tip Premium Remy

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