French Women Never Have Bad Hair Days - Here's Why

From Tina Kunakey to Éléonore Léo Jeanne to Jeanne Damas to Sabina Socol to the magical Sharon Alexie - E.—French women (and their seriously amazing strands) own our heart. And it's not just us. When I reached out to some of the best hairstylists in the business recently for story research, countless references and trend forecasts were attributed to French women and their je ne sais quoi hair antics. But what exactly is said je ne sais quoi, and why are we perpetually in awe (and honestly, somewhat annoyed) that French women never seem to have a bad hair day? That's what I intended to find out when I interviewed some of the best Paris-based hairstylists in all the land.

For starters, French women aren't preoccupied with the possibility of having a bad hair day to begin with. Does less pressure breed better hair? Maybe they're on to something. Ahead, I'm sharing 10 of the most glaring reasons French women seem to have perpetually beautiful strands. Keep scrolling to steal some of their best-kept secrets.